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Grocery Challenge Monday – Don’t buy single serving packaged food

Monday, January 5, 2009 4:57 2 Comments

Today’s Grocery Shopping Challenge is to buy in bulk and avoid those “single serving” convenience packages.  The grocery stores are tempting everyone with foods packaged up in those 100 calorie packages, but you are paying premium when you could just be doing it yourself.  And let’s face it, buying a 100 calorie pack of chocolate cookies really isn’t doing anyone any favors, especially your waistline, even though the marketing companies want you to think those packages are “healthy” with “only” 100 calories… not to mention many people end up eating more that one pack at a time!!!

So the challenge this week is to buy anything that you might buy in those handy single serving packs, whether it is baby carrots, cookies or single serving soup packages, and buy them in the larger size.  Then, when you are at home, go and and divide them into single serving sizes into plastic containers or ziplocs. 

Don’t forget to check out the prices… that package of six single serving packages will cost just about as much as the large package that you can usually make two or three times the number of packages when you do it yourself. 

Don’t fall into the trap of just thinking it is “easier” to buy them packaged in the single serving sizes.  It is easier, but you are probably paying someone the equivelant of about $100 per hour to package them when you do buy them that way, when you can take 5-10 miunutes and do it yourself – and it is also a great chore to have your kids do for their allowance too!

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Grocery challenge: Keeping Track of Grocery Prices

Monday, November 10, 2008 23:58 Comments Off on Grocery challenge: Keeping Track of Grocery Prices

Monday Morning Grocery Challenge: Keeping Track of Grocery PricesGrocery Shopping Challenge

When you go grocery shopping this week, make a point of recording prices of each and every item you buy, whether you are buying it that day or not.  Having a regular price list helps you to know if the “Sale” price really is that much of a deal or not, because it is often that the supposed sale price might actually be more than the regular price at a different store!  Below is the Grocery Price Log in pink (you can go here to get the other colors)

Now, once you get home from your grocery shopping trips this week, don’t forget to transfger it into a Price Tracker worksheet.  This will help you quickly see which store has the best price on each item, so you can see at a glance who sells tomato soup, mayo or whatever else at the cheapest price.  Here is the price tracker in Purple (other colors are here).

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Grocery Challenge: Coupons Only Baby!

Monday, October 27, 2008 1:14 Comments Off on Grocery Challenge: Coupons Only Baby!

Monday Morning Grocery Challenge: Coupons Only Baby!
Grocery Shopping Challenge
When you hit the grocery store this week, only allow yourself to buy items you have coupons for. So instead of buying one brand of pasta noodles, you buy the other brand you have a coupon for, which makes it the better deal. Being brand loyal can really kill a budget fast (check out last week’s grocery challenge for Buying Generic).

If you don’t have coupons for some of the “Staple items”, such as milk or bread, allow yourself a set number of items you are allowed to buy without a coupon, such as 3 or 5. And stick to it!

Bonus tip #1: If you findout which stores have double coupon days, it will pay to shop there… literally! You could find yourself getting items for free once the coupon value is doubled. So that $1 off coupon you have for a package of pasta noodles that is normally $1.99, once the coupon is doubled, that item is FREE!

Bonus tip #2: If you see in-store coupons that companies have on in-store displays, you can grab some even if you don’t plan to buy the item during that shopping trip.  You can save them for later when you might need to buy it, or you can save them to coupon swap with others for items you want coupons for.

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Grocery Challenge: Buy “No Name” Generic Brands

Monday, October 20, 2008 0:39 1 Comment

Monday Morning Grocery Challenge: No Name Brands

Grocery Shopping Challenge
Your task for this week when you grocery shop is this… when you have completed shopping, look at anything in your cart and pick out five items that you could get the no name brand instead of the brand name.  Whether it is cereal, frozen vegetables, Hamburger Helper, the pizza you picked up for a treat or even your supply of Crystal Light, pick five items and go and exchange them for the (usually less expensive) generic brand.

Here is a handy shopping list printable, the Buy Generic Shopping List Printable, which includes handy checkboxes to remind you which items you were planning to buy the cheaper generic version for… and this is handy as a shopping list reminder even when you aren’t doing the challenge, too!

Always double check your coupons… you might find that it is cheaper to buy the branded one with the coupon.  If this happens, pick another item in your cart for the generic item.

Think you have a tough sell when it comes to convincing your family that generic is just as good as the branded version?  You could always switch out the contents and put it in a box or packaging that the branded one came, because that can fool many, especially if you decide to try a different flavor or style.  If your family always eats Rice Krispies for example, switch it up with the generic version of cornflakes for a few weeks, then substitute in the generic rice krispies a few weeks later when it won’t be as obvious.  Or if you still have half a box left, combine the two to make it a gradual change.

Don’t forget to sign up for the RSS so you can get our weekly grocery shopping challenge.  Feel free to spread the word ~ if you post our challenge on your blog and include how much you saved, we will include it in our Grocery Challenge Hall of Fame so you can have awesome bragging rights, and a cool little award to put on your blog too!  Want our Grocery Challenge image for your blog?  Here it is!

Helpful Hints for this Grocery Shopping Challenge:

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