Grocery challenge: Keeping Track of Grocery Prices

Monday, November 10, 2008 23:58
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Monday Morning Grocery Challenge: Keeping Track of Grocery PricesGrocery Shopping Challenge

When you go grocery shopping this week, make a point of recording prices of each and every item you buy, whether you are buying it that day or not.  Having a regular price list helps you to know if the “Sale” price really is that much of a deal or not, because it is often that the supposed sale price might actually be more than the regular price at a different store!  Below is the Grocery Price Log in pink (you can go here to get the other colors)

Now, once you get home from your grocery shopping trips this week, don’t forget to transfger it into a Price Tracker worksheet.  This will help you quickly see which store has the best price on each item, so you can see at a glance who sells tomato soup, mayo or whatever else at the cheapest price.  Here is the price tracker in Purple (other colors are here).

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