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Pizza Bagels Freezer Cooking Recipe

These pizza bagels are a great alternative to sending pizza slices as a treat for lunch. And your choice of toppings can turn a fun lunch into something healthy for your child's lunch or snack.


  • 12 bagels - plain or sundried tomato Can use whole wheat for a healthier option
  • Pizza sauce
  • Assorted pizza toppings Add extra veggies for healthier options
  • Mozza cheese


  • Cut bagels in half and place them face up on workspace. Spread tomato sauce in a thin layer, then add toppings. By making a variety of toppings, they won't get boring in lunches. Sprinkle with cheese then broil in oven until cheese melts.
  • Cool completely and package them individually (half a bagel per bag). Freeze.

On cooking day

  • Can be put into school lunches frozen, and they will thaw by lunchtime.
  • These are also great for after-school snacks. You can also switch to whole wheat bagels to make them healthier.
  • Younger kids love helping to make these, so they can add their own toppings.