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Freezer Cooking - Once a Month Cooking

Whether you call it freezer cooking, frozen assets or once a month cooking (OAMC) these recipes are sure to please. Visit our huge recipe database of freezer cooking recipes. New to freezer cooking? Start with What is Freezer Cooking?

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freezer cooking

NEW! Freezer Cooking Printables

All these printables help you make the most of both your OAMC cooking days as well as to help you ensure all those meals actually get eaten instead of vanishing into the depths of your freezer.

Want to buy large blocks of cheese to get the discount? Freeze the rest!
With mushrooms so expensive, here's how you can freeze them when you find a deal
Save your bananas in the fridge for smoothies and banana bread
Perfect for OAMC beginners!
A quick list of the ten most popular ground beef OAMC recipes from MomsBudget
New freezer? Here is how long it will take your new freezer to start freezing food.
If you are having problems with frost, here's how to help prevent it.
Are these new Ziploc bags worth the money?
Looking for a cookbook to do with freezer cooking? Look no further!
What is it and how it can make mealtimes an easy breeze
Are plastic containers safe for the microwave?
Is it possible to cook an entire month's worth of meals in a day or a weekend?
What should you use to package all your freezer meals?
Save money on Ziploc bags when you use many for freezer meals.
Why you should avoid the grocery store on your cooking day
Here is how to quickly cool your soups so you can put them in the freezer faster
Freeze your soup for one person, rather than as a meal sized batch
Should you go with a frost free or a manual defrost freezer?
Prevent freezer burn by removing the air
Yes, you can freeze a week's (or more!) worth of sandwiches for lunches
An unfortunate side-effect when you make some to eat now and the rest to freeze
How to cook soups from the freezer without having to wait to defrost
A simple way to organize the inside of your freezer for freezer meals
Organize your freezer into easy to find weekly plans
What to do when your containers all look grungy or tomato-y.
Use a calendar to keep track of your OAMC meals
Things go so much faster with multiples
Why your dishwasher can be a freezer cooker's best friend
Know when your freezer malfunctions before losing your entire freezer's contents
Use freezer baskets to help organize your OAMC freezer chaos!
An easy way to pre-cook & freeze ground beef for upcoming meals
Here is how to marinade your meat easily so all you need to do is thaw
If you love rice, you can easily make large quantities and then freeze for later
Why soup is one of the easiest things to add to your OAMC.
Here is how to label your OAMC meals with all the instructions and info you need.
Can you pop those freezer Ziploc bags into the microwave? Find out!
Know in advance what you should do with your freezer goods if you lose power.
Yes, you can boil hamburger instead of spending time frying it.
How to freeze and defrost those packages of deli meats.
Not sure if your freezer is working as it should? Here is how to test it.
An improperly sealed freezer can cost lots of extra money to run. Check it now.
Clean your freezer seal regularly to ensure it doesn't have problems later.
How to freeze eggs for later use
Quickly remove air from your bags to prevent freezer burn
Saving money ideas for freezing small handfuls of food or single servings of leftovers
Just how long will it take to defrost a lasagne or other large casserole?
Don't let a small freezer stop you!
These make ahead lunches will be perfectly thawed by lunchtime
Using the flash frozen technique is something common in many OAMC recipes
Prior to freezing many vegetables, you must blanche them first. All about blanching Is mayo freezable? Find out! Turn your family's favorite meals into freezer recipes
Save time on your cooking day
Yes, it really is that important, and yes, you will forget what it is
Freeze pasta for quick and easy meals from already-cooked noodles
Making kosher freezer meals to meet dietary requirements



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