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Trading coupon inserts for more savings

Did you realize that those coupon inserts in the Sunday newspapers are actually printed for your specific area - and someone in another state or city will have coupons for the same products but frequently for a different value than the ones you got. So that 50 cent coupon for dishwashing soap in your insert might be 25 cents off or 75 cents off in another insert.

Bigger cities also tend to get better coupons as well, so keep that in mind when swapping inserts.

Also, if a product is having limited success in one area of the country but is booming in another, you will also find coupon values vary because a company is trying to boost popularity where the product isn't doing well.

First, hit up friends of yours in other cities to swap coupon inserts. This is your best bet since you know they will be trustworthy when it comes to swaps.

Ask on couponing boards for people who want to swap inserts. You will each want to double check your values are different, which will enable you to take the most advantage of coupons and save even more. There is no real point in swapping identical inserts!

Decide how often you will swap - do you want to send them off in the mail each Sunday? Or do you want to wait and mail on the first Monday of the month to save on postage? It is also good courtesy to send off an email when you mail the coupons and when you receive coupons from your swap partner.

Also, be a good swapper. Do you have extras of coupons you know you won't be using? Fire off a quick email and let your swap partner know you have extras of certain coupons or coupons you know you won't use because you don't want or need the product. Likewise, if your family goes through a lot of a specific product that you know was in a recent insert, mention "if you aren't going to use coupons for X, Y or Z, please send them my way!" This will also help you save more money since you won't be swapping single coupons with other people and wasting the postage on them, while still getting the coupons you want.



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