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Is it OK to take all the peelies and wine tags?

You know peelies - coupons that are stickers on products - and wine tags - coupons that are on hang tags around bottles of wine and sometimes liquor. It can be tempting to take all 25 of those 50 cent off stickers from the mustard bottles, but is it legal and is it ethical to do that?

Traditionally, those peelies are on the product to entice people to buy the product when they see it in the store and used when its purchased at the time - not to be saved for later. But it isn't uncommon for us to hit the grocery store and see products where some or all of the peelies have been removed but the products not bought at the time.

Is it legal to take all the peelies when not buying the product? While most agree that it is perfectly legal, it definitely in that grey area of whether it is ethical or not.

Those who happily take all the peelies argue that they will be using those sticker coupons in the future for the exact products they are intended for. But we all know that not all coupons end up getting used, so if you take all the peelies and not use them, you are preventing your fellow couponers from being able to save more money... which most avid couponers don't like!

But most couponers agree that taking an extra one or two peelies is acceptable if you know you will be using the coupons before they expire, so you can wait until the product goes on sale if you are unlucky enough that you find peelies when the product is full price.


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