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How often should you baste a turkey?

Saturday, November 15, 2008 3:10 3 Comments

You have probably heard that basting frequently results in a better turkey that is much more moist and juicy than its non-basted counterpart.  But did you know that basting a turkey actually does little to make it less dry?

Basting your turkey has only one purpose – to give the skin that golden roasted turkey color to the skin that most people associate with a perfectly cooked turkey.  But frequent basting has a significant downfall.  Every time you open the oven, it loses heat.  This means it will take that much longer for your turkey to cook since everytime you open the oven for basting, it will take time to bring it back up to temperature.

So you should leave basting for the last hour of cooking, and not do it too frequently.  This way you get the benefits of basting by having that golden skin, while not prolonging cooking time significantly – something that can definitely put a crimp on your Thanksgiving dinner plans, especially if you have everything planned to when the turkey should be done before you started opening the oven all the time for basting!!!

If you want to have a juicier turkey, consider one of the self-basting turkeys instead, where there is a seasoned broth mixture injected into the turkey below the skin.

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How do self basted turkeys work?

Friday, November 7, 2008 2:28 1 Comment

It is just about time to start all those Thanksgiving preparations, and it probably includes buying a turkey.  And you’ve probably seen self-basting turkeys in the supermarket but didn’t quite know what exactly that meant.  Sally Kenmore from WA sent us this question, so we set out to get the answers.

Self-basting turkeys are turkeys that have been injected with liquid broth mixture including various seasonings and spices into the meat of the turkey, which results in a turkey that is noticeably jucier since the broth has been injected right into it and one that has added flavors.

The downside is that often they are injected with a mixture that includes additives and chemicals, which some families don’t want added to their turkeys.  It often will add a significant portion of salt to the turkey, which is an issue for those watching sodium level intake.  The label will list all ingredients added to the turkey via injection.  And to get into the nitty gritty, a self-basted turkey will have about 3% added to the weight by the added basting solution.

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Cranberry liqueur recipe for Thanksgiving dinner

Monday, October 27, 2008 4:12 Comments Off on Cranberry liqueur recipe for Thanksgiving dinner

Looking to serve a desert wine or something fancy for your Thanksgiving dinner, but don’t necessarily want the expense that goes along with most of the desert wines on the shelf?  Why not make cranberry liqueur at home to serve to your guests after dinner?

Make your own Cranberry Liqueur

You need about five weeks to make this cranberry liqueur, so now is the perfect time to get started making it… and yes, it is very inexpensive to make, especially if you have some vodka in your pantry already.

Don’t have time to make it before Thanksgiving?  It is also perfect to serve for Christmas dinner as well!

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