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Start buying your holiday groceries now to get the best prices

Saturday, November 1, 2008 4:11 3 Comments

Yes, we all know how it makes so much more sense to buy Christmas presents early, but people never seem to think about the advantages of starting your Christmas grocery shopping early too.  If you waited to buy all your ingredients until the week or two before Christmas, you would not only be spending a fortune, but you’d also be dealing with a crowded grocery store full of people all trying to get their Christmas grocery shopping done to.

And, when you start your grocery shopping early, you can take advantage of the sales in the weeks leading up to the holidays and picking up items as they go on sale.  This makes much more sense than buying them the week before Christmas when not as many grocery items will be on sale – and might not be in stock, causing you to go to even more grocery stores during this chaotic time.

So MomsBudget has made this handy printable that all busy women will love! 

All you do is plan out your holiday menu, and then go through each recipe, writing down all the ingredients that are non-perishable.  Then, in the weeks (or even months!) leading up to Christmas, all you need to do is check your holiday grocery list with the grocery flyers to see if any of the needed items are on sale that week.  And you can bring the list with you incase you find any “in-store specials” that were not advertised.  And as you buy each one, check it off so you know you have it.  An don’t forget to see if you have any coupons that you could use for any of the items on your holiday dinner list.

Ready to get started?  Get the free printable here.  And don’t forget to recommend this to other busy moms so they can take advantage of all the free printables too… not to mention the joy of getting most of the holiday grocery Christmas shopping nearly done with!

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Do you have a radio incase disaster strikes?

Tuesday, October 21, 2008 1:23 Comments Off on Do you have a radio incase disaster strikes?

The power went off here on the weekend, and I realized when I moved that I somehow managed to misplace my little battery operated radio I keep on hand, so in order to get information on the power outtage (since it didn’t seem directly related to a storm or anything weather-related) I had to sit in my car with the radio on every half hour to get the update before the power came back up.

So if you don’t have a WORKING radio, and extra batteries to go along with it, go and get one NOW.

A few things to consider:

  • Make sure it is both AM/FM, not just one or the other, because some radio stations might be unavailable in an emergency.
  • Electronic tuning is better than manually tuning in with a dial, especially when the dials seem to be teeny tiny and you have to be so precise.  It also makes it faster to flip between stations to find out what is being said where.
  • Generally, the bigger size the battery (and the number used) means longer life.  So it is better to choose a radio with 4 AA batteries than 4 AAA, not to mention the fact AA are generally more common in households if you happen to run through your supply.

Need help figuring out what you should have on hand for an emergency?  We have free printables for Household Emergency Supply Checklist that has a handy list with checkboxes for the most important items in a household emergency kit, as well as a blank checklist you can use to add additional items (you might decide that having a few packets of instant coffee is important, or a few toys for the kids, so you can easily add them).

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Grocery Challenge: Buy “No Name” Generic Brands

Monday, October 20, 2008 0:39 1 Comment

Monday Morning Grocery Challenge: No Name Brands

Grocery Shopping Challenge
Your task for this week when you grocery shop is this… when you have completed shopping, look at anything in your cart and pick out five items that you could get the no name brand instead of the brand name.  Whether it is cereal, frozen vegetables, Hamburger Helper, the pizza you picked up for a treat or even your supply of Crystal Light, pick five items and go and exchange them for the (usually less expensive) generic brand.

Here is a handy shopping list printable, the Buy Generic Shopping List Printable, which includes handy checkboxes to remind you which items you were planning to buy the cheaper generic version for… and this is handy as a shopping list reminder even when you aren’t doing the challenge, too!

Always double check your coupons… you might find that it is cheaper to buy the branded one with the coupon.  If this happens, pick another item in your cart for the generic item.

Think you have a tough sell when it comes to convincing your family that generic is just as good as the branded version?  You could always switch out the contents and put it in a box or packaging that the branded one came, because that can fool many, especially if you decide to try a different flavor or style.  If your family always eats Rice Krispies for example, switch it up with the generic version of cornflakes for a few weeks, then substitute in the generic rice krispies a few weeks later when it won’t be as obvious.  Or if you still have half a box left, combine the two to make it a gradual change.

Don’t forget to sign up for the RSS so you can get our weekly grocery shopping challenge.  Feel free to spread the word ~ if you post our challenge on your blog and include how much you saved, we will include it in our Grocery Challenge Hall of Fame so you can have awesome bragging rights, and a cool little award to put on your blog too!  Want our Grocery Challenge image for your blog?  Here it is!

Helpful Hints for this Grocery Shopping Challenge:

Smart Tips for Buying Generic Brand Groceries
List of Groceries You Should Always Buy Generic
More grocery shopping printables!

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