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How to quickly freshen up clothing

Wednesday, November 12, 2008 1:35 Comments Off on How to quickly freshen up clothing

Do you want to quickly freshen up an article of clothing, but don’t have time to run it through the washing machine and dryer.  The longtime standby was the throw the clothing in with a dryer sheet, but this can be expensive, not to mention it can leave a waxy feel on your clothing afterward.  But there is something easier to do that will leave your clothes smelling wonderful.

Take a clean washcloth and put a drop or two of essential or fragrance oil in the scent of your choice.  Pop it into the dryer with the clothing and let it run for 5-10 minutes.  When you remove the clothing, it will smell great!

You can try a variety of scents depending on your mood.  You can also use this method if you love your clothes being scented when you take them out of the dryer, but you don’t neccessarily want to use a dryer sheet to get the job done.

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Why you should clean your dryer lint screen

Thursday, November 6, 2008 3:45 Comments Off on Why you should clean your dryer lint screen

Do you use fabric softener when you do your laundry?  And have you ever given your dryer’s lint screen a clean?  If not, you are adding to your electricity bill each and every month.

Part of what makes a dryer dry clothes is the air flow that circulates the hot air to the outside of the house, which is channeled through the link screen.  This is why it is important to remove the lint from the lint screen before using the dryer each time, because otherwise the circulation isn’t as good and it takes longer to dry – not to mention the potential fire hazard if lint is left in the lint trap through multiple dry cycles.

Now, take out your lint trap and pour water into it… you would expect water would pour through it, but in actuality, chances are it is acting more like a thick cheesecloth and it is slowly dripping through… this is because the coating from fabric softener sheets also coat the lint trap, causing air to not circulate as well. 

Using a stiff brush, wash your lint trap with hot, soap water, allow to dry and then insert back into your dryer.  You should notice an immediate difference in how quickly your washing machine dries clothes.

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Can you really save money making your own laundry detergent?

Tuesday, October 28, 2008 4:58 10 Comments

If you have wondered if you could actually save much money by making your own laundry detergent, we have done the math for you :)

We checked out Tide Liquid, 2x concentrate in the original scent, and it checks in at $18 for a bottle of 48 loads at Netgrocer.  Expensive, especially if your family is large and you are doing many loads of laundry each week.

Now, let’s compare it to our own liquid laundry detergent recipe.  It is enough for about 50 loads of laundry.

But how much does it cost to make?

One box of Washing Soda is $9.28 (6 cups in the box, enough for 3 batches, so $3.09 per batch)
Fels-Naptha Soap is $1.79 for two bars.
Borax is $3.98 (8 cups in the box, enough for 4 batches, so $1 per batch)

All prices taken from today, for the most accurate pricing, and this comes in at $15.05 to buy the supplies initially… BUT remember the boxes of washing soda and borax make multiple batches… so what is the real cost per batch?   $5.88 for 50 loads of laundry… which works out to TWELVE CENTS per load!  And Tide?  THIRTY-EIGHT CENTS per load.

So for maybe 10 or 15 of work, you are saving two and a half times the cost of commercial detergent, simply by making your own at home.

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Preventing washcloth makeup stains

Thursday, October 2, 2008 6:24 Comments Off on Preventing washcloth makeup stains

Do you end up with dark or yellowing stains on your light colored washcloths because you are using a washcloth to remove your makeup at night rather than using cotton pads which you throw away?  Just because you are using the frugal and environmentally friendly way to remove your makeup doesn’t mean you have to suffer with washcloths that always look dirty.

The solution?  Instead of using the white or light colored washcloths, buy dark colored washcloths – such as black, navy, dark green or red – and reserve them for makeup removal only.  So not only will those pesky mascara stains be hidden on the darker colored cloth, you also don’t have to worry about guests seeing washcloths that always look dirty, even when they are fresh from the dryer.

Do you have guests that use washcloths for makeup?  From Martha Stewart comes the tip that you can embroider “Makeup Only” or “For Makeup Removal” on the edge of the washcloth for your guests.  If embroidering seems like too much work, you can set it aside with a small container of makeup remover on top.

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