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Are you haggling to get a better deal?

Friday, November 21, 2008 1:33 Comments Off on Are you haggling to get a better deal?

While some stores don’t seem to be swayed when you try to strike a deal, many surprisingly are.  Here are some tips for haggling so you can get the best deals.

Damaged/Open packaging
If you are buying something that has been previously opened, ask if you can get a deal on it.  Stores have a much harder time turning over goods with opened and damaged packaging, so you can usually save an extra 20-30% off the retail price.  You can even ask them to open the packaging while you are in the store so you can check and make sure all the pieces are still in the opened package… if anything is missing, you can usually get an extra discount… and if it is just a manual, you can often download a copy of it online or request one from the manufacturer.  You can also ask the cashier to mark on the receipt that you purchased an open product if it is something that might have been returned because it didn’t work.

Dated product
If the product is nearing its expiration date (and you know you will use it before that date) ask for a discount. This is especially true for perishables, such as dairy products.  Sometimes if the date is close enough (expires within a day or so) they might even gift it to you for free, especially if you alredy have a cart full of other groceries you are buying, since the section manager might view it as a good will gesture, knowing you are purchasing a significant amount of other groceries too.

Already Reduced
If something has already been reduced (whether it is perishable, or something that is out of season, such as a pair of shorts in December) ask if they can discount it any further.  And it doesn’t hurt to do a price check… if it is clothing, it could have been hiding on a rack when a service person went through with their price gun to show further price reductions, which is a frequent problem in chain department stores.

Meat department deals
Many grocery stores will go and reduce meat that is nearing the best before date.  So become familiar with your grocery store policies, such as if they discount them 2 days before the best before date.  Shopping first thing in the morning you will have a better selection for the meat, then just ask the meat manager to put the discount stickers on them before you go to pay.  It is a great deal, as long as you remember to eat them or freeze them before the best before date.

Price adjustments
Many stores, particularly for clothing, have a policy where you can being your receipt back for a price adjustment if it goes in sale within the next X number of days, usually 14 or 30 days.  Just remember to take your receipt back for the price adjustment!  Most stores offer this simply because most people do not get around to returning for the price adjustment, and if they do, chances are pretty good they will end up buying something else when they come back too!  So be sure to ask if there is a policy, and then watch the sale flyers to see if it goes on sale, then make a point of going back and getting your receipt adjusted.  If you want to skip out on the holiday crowds, plan your trip either as soon as the store opens or closer to the closing time.

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Coupon Stash Tuesday – Free Coupons Available

Tuesday, October 21, 2008 3:23 12 Comments

This coupon stash is closed.  Click here to find the latest new coupons available!

We have a bunch of coupons up for grabs, first come, first served :)

Some are US only, some are Canada only, some are unspecified (but all in $ so likely redeemable in both US & Canada, but not sure where else).  You can try using Canadian coupons in the US, as I have heard some stores do accept them (especially near the borders or for stores with offices in Canada too), but use them at your own risk :)  And we’d love to know US stores that are Canadian coupon friendly!

Here is this week’s Moms Budget Coupon Stash! 28 coupons in all!

Simple Green coupon
Save $1 on Simple Green 16oz or larger
US – Exp. 12/31/08

Yoplait Tubes coupon
Save $0.50 on Yoplait Tubes 8x60g
Non-specified country (but dedeption mailing address is Canada) – Exp. June 20/09

Yoplait Kids Coupon
Save $1 on two Yoplait Kids Cup Yogurt or Yogurt Drink
US – Exp. 11/18/08

Old Orchard Coupon
Save $1 on Old Orchard Healthy Balance 64oz juice
US – Ex Dec 31/08

Oxy Products Coupon
Save $1 off any Oxy product
US – Exp. 10/31/08

Purina Dog Chow Coupon
Save $1 off any formula, any size of Dog Chow or Puppy Chow
Canada – Exp February 28, 2009

Stouffers Lean Cuisine Spa Coupon
Save $1.50 on any two Lean Cuisine Spa products
Canada – Exp Dec 31, 2008

Michelina’s Lean Gourmet Coupon
Save $1 on any 5 Michelina’s Lean Gourmet Entrees
US – Exp. 11/18/08 (still 2 coupons left)

Reynold’s Parchment Paper
Save $1.25 on any Reynold’s Parchment Paper Roll
US – Exp. 11/18/08

Dole Squish’ems Squeezable Fruit Snack Coupon
Save $0.75 on 4x90g box
Canada – Exp June 30, 2009

Butterball Ground Turkey Coupon
Save $1 on any 1 package of Butterball Ground Turkey
US – Exp 11/18/08 (still 2 coupons left)

Ricola Cough Drops Coupon
Save $1 on bag (17-19 lozenges per bag)
Canada – Exp April 30, 2009

Maple Leaf Coupon
Save $1 on any 2 Maple Leaf bacon, ham, hot dogs, sliced meats, fully cooked roasts or fully cooked strip products
Canada – Exp Dec 31, 2008

Muir Glen coupon
Save $1 on any flavor/variety Muir Glen product
US – Exp. 11/18/08

Kellogg’s “Convenience Food” Coupon
Buy 2 & Save $1 on Pop Tarts, Special K Bars, Yo-gos, All Bran, Nutri-Grain
Canada – Exp June 30, 2009

Trix Cereal Coupon
Save $0.55 on Trix cereal
US – Exp. 11/18/08

Scott paper towels
Save $1 on Scott towels package
Canada – Exp January 31, 2009

Progresso Soup Coupon
Save $0.55 on two any flavor Progresso Soups
US – Exp. 11/18/08

Canola Harvest Margarine Coupon
Save $0.50 on Canola Harvest (original, Flax Oil, Olive Oil)
Canada – Exp March 31, 2009

Sinupret for Kids Syrup Coupon
$3 off 3.38 fl.oz. bottle Sinupret for Kids Syrup
US – January 1, 2009

Stouffer’s Bistro Italiano
Save $1.50 on any Stouffer’s Bistro Italiano Product
Canada – Dec 31, 2008

Bonne Bell LipSmackers Coupon
Save $1 on any two Lip Smacker Products
US – Exp. 11/18/08

Olay Body Wash Coupon
Save $0.75 on any Olay Body Wash
Canada – January 31, 2009

Old South Premium Coupon
Save $0.50 on Old South with easy-to-open tetra top pack
Canada – Dec 31, 2009

Thyme Maternity Coupon
$10 off purchase of $10 or more
Exp Dec 31. 2008

Butcher’s Select Canned Dog Food Coupon
Buy one, get one free
US – Exp. 11/18/08

Melitta Coffee Coupon
Save $1 on any Melitta coffee
Canada – Exp. Dec 31, 2008

Litehouse Coupon
Save $1 on any Litehouse product
US – Exp. 11/18/08

So, how do you get them?  Pretty simple.  Just post a comment saying which coupons you want, and we will mail them off to you (no, we won’t sell your name to anyone else!).  In return, all we ask is that you either tell others about MomsBudget and the MomsBudget Blog (the site has been around giving tips to women since 2001, but our blog is pretty brand new), whether on your own blog or just sharing our site with friends and family, or by sending us your unused coupons for the next coupon stash day!

We will also include an envelope addressed to us when we mail out your coupons, and we ask that you send us back your unused coupons (like Pampers coupons when your kids are all school-aged, or coupons for the certain spaghetti sauce your family doesn’t prefer) so that we can continue to offer coupons to more moms in the weeks to come.  Think of it as a coupon exchange without you having to do much work other than picking out what you want, and popping your unused coupons in the mail back to us.  We do ask that coupons have at least a month prior to expiry date on the postmarked date.  We will also keep track of the coupon values you send, it will help you get higher on the priority list when we post our weekly coupon stash, and we will have a couple really awesome giveaways for those who send us the highest $ in coupons as well as the highest number of coupons, and one for the blogger that sends us the most traffic… watch for the pics of what we are giving away later this week.

Lastly, don’t forget to sign up for our RSS feed, so you will know the moment we post our next coupon stash!

Note: We may be slightly behind in approving the comments made for those requesting coupons, but comments are time stamped, so we will know who commented first :)  I will try and update the list as they are taken, although some we have multiples of.  Make sure you can reply to the email request for your mailing address within 24 hours, or we will go to the next person.  Be sure you add email from to your allowed list so your spam filter doesn’t catch it by accident.

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Are you wasting money buying in bulk?

Friday, October 17, 2008 5:27 1 Comment

With the current economy crisis, buying in bulk is one of the things many people are turning to as a solution to save money.  But some people actually waste money buying in bulk… are you one of them?

One of the big problems with buying in bulk is the fact you might end up with a two year’s supply of  something.  So you need to ask yourself, since you won’t recoup the cost of that for two years, would that money be better spent filling an immediate need? 

For example, let’s say you bought two years worth of tomato soup, and for arguments sake, you spent $40 on it.  Now, what if you bought only six months worth on sale – even if it costs you more per item – for, let’s say $15.  That means you have an extra $25 to spend NOW rather than on something that you won’t finish using for 24 whole months.

Now, sometimes the deal is too good to pass up… let’s say that two year supply of tomato soup would cost you $18 versus $15 for the six month supply, then it should be a serious consideration.  But you need to consider the pros and cons when purchasing in such bulk that the supplies are lasting for 2+ years, and decide if that money is better spent on something your family has an immediate need for, such as extra pounds of ground beef or some fresh veggies.

Lastly, also consider freshness… does the soup expire before the two years are up?  Does the product tend to go stale, such as some cereals, before you would use it up?

Still wondering?  Here are some more thoughts on buying in bulk.

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