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Quick inexpensive way to wrap baked breads for gifts

Friday, November 14, 2008 14:43 1 Comment

One way to make a great present without spending much money is to bake a loaf of holiday bread, and then wrap it up using a wonderful plaid dishcloth (new, of course!). Try and pick festive colors, both reds and greens are easy to find, even when it isn’t the holidays. You can usually get them in large packs – the one this came from was a pack of 15 for $5 or so. Or if you are a knitter, you can knit your own, just make sure they are large enough to wrap the loaf.  Plus, you won’t get those pesky grease marks showing like what tends to happen when you wrap baked goods in paper.

Wrap the dish cloth around the bread (we had a baked pumpkin spice bread inside), and then do the ends as if you were wrapping a present.

Then tuck both ends over, then secure with butcher’s twine or ribbon. We had extra twine from doing a turkey, so it is an easy thing to use to tie it together. You can also use raffia if you have any leftover from other crafts. Loop it around the loaf and tie a bow, just as you would with ribbon.

Then add the gift card, and you are done! You can then place it in a gift bag if you wish, but it is good enough for gift giving as it is!

This also works great for a hostess gift when going to someone’s house for a holiday dinner or party, and it isn’t nearly as expensive as bringing a bottle of wine!  If you make fruitcake, this wrapping technique will also work well for that too.

Also, here are some various pumpkin spice bread recipes you can use!
Spice Bread
Gluten free pumpkin chai bread
Pumpkin cream cheese bread (this one is making me drool!)
Rosemary-Polenta Pumpkin Spice Cake (this one struck me as so unusual!  Recipe Girl has a great commentary about it, you can find her link to the actual recipe at the end of her blog post)
Ginger Pumpkin Bread (token healthy version from WebMD blog!!!)

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Make your own lime margaritas bath salts for gifts

Wednesday, October 15, 2008 17:39 1 Comment

If you love the rare indulgence of a margarita on a night out to a Mexican restaurant, you will probably love to have a bath immersed in margarita bath salts – hold the tequila, of course!  But even better, these make fabulous gifts for friends.  You can even put them in a margarita glass as a gift basket for a great feel good present for a girlfriend’s birthday/ 

Want to know what is even better?  You only need three inexpensive ingredients to make multiple batches of them, so you can make plenty for many gifts, even for Christmas.

For instructions: Make your own Lime Margaritas Bath Salts

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