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Make your own funky pair of embroidered denim jeans

Sunday, October 5, 2008 12:40 Comments Off

Is your daughter begging you for a pair of jeans with a funky design embroidered on them because “all the girls are wearing them?”  Well, it is actually pretty simple to dress up a pair of inexpensive jeans with embroidery, and it can be a great mother-daughter activity you can do together.

Embroidery thread is pretty cheap, especially if you find it on sale at a place like Michaels.  Sit down with your daughter before hand to decide the kind of design you want to embroider, and what colors you want to use.

Note, while cross stitch and needlepoint crafters are pretty loyal to their own brand of embroidery floss, such as DMC, with a project like this, it isn’t that important to use DMC, unless you plan to use it for cross stitching projects later.  There are often packages of multiple thread colors in a lesser-known brand that will be much cheaper than using DMC or Anchor.

Here is the whole nitty gritty on how to do embroidered jeans.

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