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Things to do with all those wine corks you are saving

Friday, October 24, 2008 12:38 5 Comments

Do you have a habit of saving the cork from bottles of wine to remember special ocassions, or simply keep them because you know there has to be a great idea out there to recycle them?  I have some corks saved (and am now wishing I had even more!) because this is one of the most ingenious ideas I have seen to do with corks!

Re-Nest, (via Craft Gossip) a blog with plenty of ideas for those wanting a “green home”, has the instructions here.  Inspiration turn Design has another style of corkboard, but on a much larger scale.

And just as much, I love these wine cork trivets, another great way to show off your wine corks, and I like that this one takes advantage of the sides of the corks too.  Here is another cork trivet from Martha Stewart, but I like the first one better!  And Darning Diva has another kind of cork trivet which is super, super simple to make, so you can even get your kids to do or help with this one.

You could also make a wine cork wreath to hang on your door or for decoration.

Another really interesting idea, and one your younger kids would probably have a lot of fun with, is using corks to make button stamps from Her Cup Overfloweth .  You can then stamp cards/paper/etc with all kinds of unique buttons you have collected over the years, or you can buy a mixed bag of buttons fairly inexpensively at places like WalMart and craft stores.  You can also carefully carve a design into the wine top and use the top itself as a stamp.

Chica and Joe have a cute wine cork basket they designed using an old wicker basket.  This would be perfect for making up a gift basket for any wine lover on your list.  Add a couple bottles of wine, some glasses, wine charms, bottle toppers, etc, and you have a fabulous gift basket to give someone for Christmas, a birthday or any other special event.  It would also make a cute hostess gift too!

eHow has a couple crafts with wine corks – a Christmas tassel ornament and a few others.  And there is this cute Rudoph the Red Nose Reindeer made out of wine corks.

Not sure what to do with your wine bottles in the mean time?  La Petite Chic shows off what she does with her wine corks to turn them into a great home decor piece.

And last, not a craft per se, but a cute idea… a wine cork USB drive, for the wine loving geek in all of us :)

So next time you have a bottle of wine, save the cork for one of these great projects.  If you are impatient, ask around, because a lot of people tend to save them, then don’t know what to do with them afterwards!

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Make pencil pockets for your notebooks & other notebook cover crafts

Thursday, October 23, 2008 17:06 2 Comments

I use notebooks all the time, but those spiral bindings don’t easily hold pens, and in my purse it seems I either have no pens or about eighteen of them!  I was on the Knitting & Sewing & Other Stuff blog and saw she had made these awesome pencil pockets for notebooks. Basically, they are fabric with some elastic, made into a long sleeve-like pocket for holding a pen or pencil in, so they attach right to the cover, or around the entire notebook if you also want to use it to keep the notebook closed.  She found it on Whip It Up, another great place to find crafting ideas, if you don’t already read it.

The tutorial to make them is on Flickr, and they are amazingly easy to make.

Also reminded me of these cute Denim Pencil Pockets I saw on Kid Crafts Magazine this summer, the instructions are on the Family Fun site. Essentially, you cut out the denim pocket (and the backing on the jeans, so you still have the “pocket” when you cut it out)  from  a pair of old jean, decorate it up with embroidery, glitter glue, etc, and attach magnets and they magnetize for a locker. I remembered these because I thought it would be a cute way to keep a few pen in the kitchen, and put on the fridge so I could always find them!

And along the same lines is this Notebook Cover from the Craft Blog.

I am also knitting the Knitted Notebook Cover (Ravelry link) from the book 101 Designer One-Skein Wondersalthough I am making it slightly different size to fit the same size of books as beginning chapter books (ala Magic Treehouse book size).   If crochet is more your thing, there is the Crochet Book Sox / Cover and Stylish Book Cover.

I have this Creative Journal from the Dreams of Yarn blog on my to-do list to give my daughter for Christmas, since she loves all things journalling right now, I am going to buy a notebook and a set of those sparkly glitter pens to put in the pen slots. I might do a matching one for her best friend too. The full instructions are here on One Red Robin, it is an incredibly easy gift to make.

And there is the Patchwork Paper Notebook Cover, which uses scrapbook paper to make a nicer notebook cover than the one that was on it when you bought it.  This is also a great one for your kids to make, because they can personalize it themselves. nd it is also a good project to put all those little pieces of leftover scrapbook paper to use.

Like patchwork quilts? If you are a quilter, I like these notebooks from Craft Apple, and Southern Knit Wit has shown how hers turned out.

If I have linked to any of your projects, I am happy to include a picture of your project here, just comment below and I will add it :)

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12 Homemade gift bags for Christmas season

Tuesday, October 21, 2008 16:12 4 Comments

We thought we’d post this one early, since some of them are crafted by hand (such as knitting) that you need lead time on! 12 different holiday gift bags you can make yourself.

Knit your own Knotted Felted Gift Bag
This pattern is a MomsBudget exclusive, and super simple to knit and felt, and you can make it in a wide variety of colors to suit the person you are giving it too. Can easily be knit in an evening, then felted. Ravelry link.

Christmas Gift Bags (along with cards, keyrings, magnets and more)
Done by Sarah, a Stampin Up demonstrator, the gift bag is really cute with a cut out to see the present inside. Scroll down to the gift bag. I didn’t see instructions on this one (I looked, but if anyone finds the link, please tell me!), but you can get inspired by it.

Purse in a Box Bag
A spin on the Box in a Bag (original tutorial can be found here) but I quite like the way Andrea (another Stampin’ Up demonstrator) did hers.

Tri Fold Cookie Gift Bag/Boxes
Another style of gift “bag” with a cutout. And a great ineexpensive gift idea too, giving someone homemade cookies, along with the recipe so they can make their own too.

Gorgeous Gift Boxes using Old Cereal Boxes!
This one is absolutely ingenious from Under the Inkfluence, and will be using it as a craft for my daughter to make gift boxes. Also includes specific info on paper, stamps and scrapping accessories used for each one they show on the site. More pictures here.

Christmas gift bags with Matching Gift Tags
This one is super easy for kids to do, they are stamped onto plain

Cloth Gift Bags
If you sew, here is how to make cloth gift bags, with ideas on embellishments too.

Bonkers for bags & boxes
Not specifically for Christmas (although you could easily make them Christmas themed), these boxes include cake slices, purses and Chinese food takeout containers as gift boxes. Includes information on the Accucut die cuts used.

Christmas ornament stamped gift bag
Another cute bag from aother Stampin’ Up! demonstrator, a really cute gift bag you’d pay crazy money for in a place like Hallmark.

Placemat Gift Bags (or purse!)
The detailed instructions are here (but the pictures woefully small, and you must register to get the pattern)

Gift bags from envelopes
Straight from “why didn’t I think of this”, here are instructions for making cute gift bags from envelopes.

Make your own Gift Tags
Kristen has put up some images of some gorgeous gift tags she has made, you can definitely use them for inspiration to make your own! A great one for scrapbookers who have lots of leftover little bits and pieces from scrapping.

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Frugal Easy Bake Oven Recipes

Tuesday, October 7, 2008 5:54 Comments Off on Frugal Easy Bake Oven Recipes

If your son or daughter loves making Easy Bake Oven recipes, it can be hard to see that money go to waste, particularly when you are paying $2 per package – you can buy an adult sized cake mix for less than that!  The Easy Bake super value pack has 3 Sugar Cookie Mixes, 3 Chocolate Cookie Mixes, 3 Yellow Cake Mixes, and 3 Chocolate Frosting Mixes, all for $25!  No, thank you!

If you still want your kids to be able to make Easy Bake recipes without breaking the bank, we have recipes for you to make up little Easy Bake cake and cookie packages – and even icing packages – without the expense, and most with ingredients already in your pantry.

We are biggest fans of the Easy Bake Oven Pizza Recipe, as well as the lemon cake with lemon icing.

You can find all our free Easy Bake Oven Recipes here on MomsBudget!

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Make your own funky pair of embroidered denim jeans

Sunday, October 5, 2008 12:40 Comments Off on Make your own funky pair of embroidered denim jeans

Is your daughter begging you for a pair of jeans with a funky design embroidered on them because “all the girls are wearing them?”  Well, it is actually pretty simple to dress up a pair of inexpensive jeans with embroidery, and it can be a great mother-daughter activity you can do together.

Embroidery thread is pretty cheap, especially if you find it on sale at a place like Michaels.  Sit down with your daughter before hand to decide the kind of design you want to embroider, and what colors you want to use.

Note, while cross stitch and needlepoint crafters are pretty loyal to their own brand of embroidery floss, such as DMC, with a project like this, it isn’t that important to use DMC, unless you plan to use it for cross stitching projects later.  There are often packages of multiple thread colors in a lesser-known brand that will be much cheaper than using DMC or Anchor.

Here is the whole nitty gritty on how to do embroidered jeans.

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Getting Fido ready for winter

Saturday, October 4, 2008 12:36 Comments Off on Getting Fido ready for winter

It is that time of year when Fido starts letting you know it is a little chilly for him or her to be outside, usually accompanied by supposed uncontrollable shivering when they think you are looking!  So here is an easy way you can make your dog a sweater, without having to buy one of the super expensive ones at the pet store.

All you need is a toddler sweater and you can make it into a sweater your dog will love.  If you don’t have an outgrown toddler sweater you can use, pick one up at the thrift store… honestly, your dog won’t mind if it has a Disney princess on the front or is a hideous orange and green striped sweater.. and the more hideous it is, the cheaper you can buy it!

Here are the full instructions for making a dog sweater from an old toddler sweater.

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Inexpensive dog toys you can make

Friday, October 3, 2008 18:09 Comments Off on Inexpensive dog toys you can make

Does Fido have a habit of going through toys like there is no tomorrow?  If so, here is an easy way to make him a toy simply using your old socks.

First, gather up 5 or 6 holey or mismatched socks.  Select the largest sock (one without holes or with only tiny holes) and set it aside.  Roll up the remaining socks on balls, then insert them one at a time into the larger sock.  Tie a knot  at the end, and you have an instant tug of war toy!

An alternate way to make this, select a long sock (such as a larger wooly work sock or a knee sock, and rolling up the other socks into balls.  Insert one sock into the larger sock and tie a knot as close to the balled sock as possible.  Then insert another sock above the knot and tie a second knot above the second ball sock.  Continue until you use up the rolled socks or you don’t have any more room at the top of the sock for more balled socks.

Need another idea?  Here is a tug & toss ball toy you can make for your dog.

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