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Do you have a Christmas stash place for presents?

Sunday, November 23, 2008 3:55 2 Comments

Do you have a Christmas stash area for your presents?  How many times have you bought a Christmas present months ahead of the holiday season, only to either forget you bought it or forget where you put it?  Believe me, this happens to a lot of us!  One way to help is to keep a gift giving list, where you keep track of what you have bought for each person, regardless of whether it is February or December.

Another easy way to help keep you organized, and remembering what you have already bought, is to have a Christmas stash area where you put all your presents.  Whether it is in a specific room, such as a spare bedroom or the basement, or a specific place, such as under your bed or at the top of a hall closet, keeping all the presents together in the same location will help you remember everything you have bought when you just have to go to one place to see it all.  It is far easier than when you have presents scattered in hiding spots throughout the house.

When you have a Christmas stash place, you will know where that cute martini glass necklace is that you bought your sister back in April and it will also remind you that you bought your father-in-law a new cordless drill when you bought it in that after Christmas sale last year but promptly forgot about it.

It also means all your gifts are in one place o when you have some spare time, you can do some wrapping in batches, rather than trying to squeeze all the wrapping into a single session a couple of days before Christmas!

It is also great last minute prep work if you plan on doing a ton of Christmas shopping on Black Friday!

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Save money by buying Christmas gifts after Christmas

Sunday, November 16, 2008 4:35 1 Comment

Everyone starts stressing out about Christmas shopping as Thanksgiving approaches, especially when everyone is on a tighter budget this holiday season.  Here is one way to bring down the cost of your holiday gift giving.

An easy tip, if you don’t mind braving bargain hunting crowds, is to save your holiday shopping for those friends and family members you will be seeing after the holidays until after Christmas Day.  You can often find great bargains as stores are trying to clear out of all kinds of gift baskets, gift sets and any kind of gift that is with holiday packaging.  So this means that gorgeous gift set you were eying up before Christmas could be as much as 75% or 80% off when you purchase it after Christmas. 

So next time you look at your Christmas shopping list, see who you could purchase gifts for after the Christmas season instead of before.  You can translate this into either saving more money, or being able to get more bang for the same amount of money you had budget for those people.

Want to take advantage of the after Christmas sales even more?  Suggest to some family members or friends that it might be better to do gift exchanging after Christmas…  you don’t have to come out and tell them that it is because you want to be able to get their gifts on sale.  Instead, just say the time is so busy right before Christmas that it makes more sense to exchange them afterwards when things aren’t so busy… and if you have kids, you can suggest that you should do it so they have something to look forward in the post-Christmas time period.

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