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Quick inexpensive way to wrap baked breads for gifts

Friday, November 14, 2008 14:43 1 Comment

One way to make a great present without spending much money is to bake a loaf of holiday bread, and then wrap it up using a wonderful plaid dishcloth (new, of course!). Try and pick festive colors, both reds and greens are easy to find, even when it isn’t the holidays. You can usually get them in large packs – the one this came from was a pack of 15 for $5 or so. Or if you are a knitter, you can knit your own, just make sure they are large enough to wrap the loaf.  Plus, you won’t get those pesky grease marks showing like what tends to happen when you wrap baked goods in paper.

Wrap the dish cloth around the bread (we had a baked pumpkin spice bread inside), and then do the ends as if you were wrapping a present.

Then tuck both ends over, then secure with butcher’s twine or ribbon. We had extra twine from doing a turkey, so it is an easy thing to use to tie it together. You can also use raffia if you have any leftover from other crafts. Loop it around the loaf and tie a bow, just as you would with ribbon.

Then add the gift card, and you are done! You can then place it in a gift bag if you wish, but it is good enough for gift giving as it is!

This also works great for a hostess gift when going to someone’s house for a holiday dinner or party, and it isn’t nearly as expensive as bringing a bottle of wine!  If you make fruitcake, this wrapping technique will also work well for that too.

Also, here are some various pumpkin spice bread recipes you can use!
Spice Bread
Gluten free pumpkin chai bread
Pumpkin cream cheese bread (this one is making me drool!)
Rosemary-Polenta Pumpkin Spice Cake (this one struck me as so unusual!  Recipe Girl has a great commentary about it, you can find her link to the actual recipe at the end of her blog post)
Ginger Pumpkin Bread (token healthy version from WebMD blog!!!)

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Save hotel shower caps to use for bowl lids

Monday, November 10, 2008 2:32 2 Comments

Have you accumulated multiple shower caps from hotels but you have never used them for anything?  Or wondered what people do with them and have never bothered to take them?  Well, there is a fantastic use for shower caps and it has nothing to do with keeping water off of your hair.

Next time you run out of saran wrap, or you have a bowl you know you will be covering and uncovering a lot over a couple of days and you don’t have a lid for it, just pop one of these plastic shower caps on top for a lid.  The elastic keeps the cap in place over the bowl, and nearly all are clear so you can easily see the contents.  These are also great for using when you need to take a potluck dish and you don’t want to risk losing the cover (I have lots 3 lids at potlucks myself!)

Don’t have a stash from hotel stays?  They are usually very cheap at dollar stores (ie. a dozen for $1 or $2) so you can pick them up there. 

And honestly, does anyone still use these types of shower caps at the hotels anymore, for actually keeping hair dry in the shower?  I haven’t found anyone under the age of about 75!

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Is your toilet leaking and costing you money?

Saturday, November 8, 2008 4:13 Comments Off on Is your toilet leaking and costing you money?

If your toilet was slowly leaking, would you know it?  And that if it was, it could cost you an extra $400 or so dollars a year?  I am probably guessing you can think of a lot of things you’d rather do with that $400 than pour it into your toilet!

Fortunately, it will cost you next to nothing to check and see if your toilet has a leak, because remember, you can’t hear all leaks (such as if the toilet is “running”).

First, you need to have clean, clear water, if you use a toilet cleaning solution that leaves the water in the bowl green, it will be very hard to to tell if there is a leak.  After flushing the toilet, and it has completely stopped running, put about 4-5 drops of food coloring into the toilet tank.  Leave it for 15 minutes and come back.  Can you see any of the dye in the bowl of the toilet, or did all the color remain in the tank?  If you see dye in the bowl, you have a slow leak and should get it fixed by a plumber, so you don’t keep sending all that extra water down the toilet.

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