Squeaky Clean Challenge Day #22- Kid’s Rooms

Monday, September 20, 2010 14:06
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Squeaky Clean Challenge Day #22- Kid’s Rooms

Ah, another one of those ones you loathe to do! 

  • Assist your kids in tidying their room. If you have teenagers, usually the threat of you cleaning up is enough to make them do it themselves! Help teach your kids the best ways to tidy up. 
  • Have two cardboard boxes or plastic bags – one bag for outgrown clothes that are good enough for the consignment store or eBay, and another bag for donating. 
  • Clean windows, mirrors, door handles. 
  • Dust shelves and dressers 
  • Plan storage areas if there is not enough space. 
  • If you find a lot of old food or half-full glasses, start a rule of no food and water only in the bedrooms, or consequences for doing so (unloading or loading the dishwasher for a week!)

Brand new to the MomsBudget Squeaky Clean Challenge? Click here for all the details, plus get the full list of all thirty days. Comment below when you are done with today’s task!

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