Reminders on how to stop pesky cold calls

Wednesday, April 20, 2011 2:50
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It seems that the economy is making companies cold call even more these days while they are trying to drum up every possible business they can.  Since a friend of mine got six cold calls in the same day and asked what to do about it, I thought it might be good to give everyone a refresher on how to stop getting them – and what to do if they are still contacting you.

Get your name on the Do Not Call Registry.
Sign up for the registry here.  The results aren’t instantaneous, but within 31 days you should stop receiving telemarking calls.  Don’t forget to register your cell phone numbers as well and your kid’s phone if they have a seperate phone line.  You can also confirm if your number is on the list or not if you have forgotten or if you have a recycled phone number, although recycled numbers should be automatically removed from the list.

Report companies who phone you if your name is on the registry
Part of it is making sure you report companies who flout the rules – and unfortunately some do.  Don’t forget that political parties and legitimate charities are excluded from the Do Not Call Registry rules, so if you are contacted by any of those, you will need to tell them directly to remove you from the list if they phone.  And companies you have a previous business relationship are permitted to phone you for 18 months after your last purchase.  Click here to file a complaint.

Don’t let telemarketers lead you on
It is a talent that telemarketers have to keep you on the phone as long as possible by trying to skew their conversation in such a way it isn’t easy for you to cut in and say you aren’t interested.  Don’t worry about being blunt, if you aren’t interested, state this and then end the conversation.

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