Preventing washcloth makeup stains

Thursday, October 2, 2008 6:24
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Do you end up with dark or yellowing stains on your light colored washcloths because you are using a washcloth to remove your makeup at night rather than using cotton pads which you throw away?  Just because you are using the frugal and environmentally friendly way to remove your makeup doesn’t mean you have to suffer with washcloths that always look dirty.

The solution?  Instead of using the white or light colored washcloths, buy dark colored washcloths – such as black, navy, dark green or red – and reserve them for makeup removal only.  So not only will those pesky mascara stains be hidden on the darker colored cloth, you also don’t have to worry about guests seeing washcloths that always look dirty, even when they are fresh from the dryer.

Do you have guests that use washcloths for makeup?  From Martha Stewart comes the tip that you can embroider “Makeup Only” or “For Makeup Removal” on the edge of the washcloth for your guests.  If embroidering seems like too much work, you can set it aside with a small container of makeup remover on top.

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