Make your own Appletini Bath Salts

Monday, November 17, 2008 2:22
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Make your own Appletini Bath Salts for Frugal Gift Giving!

The first in our Frugal Gift Giving Series!  Bath salts are a great gift giving idea, especially since they are really inexpensive to make.  This bottle above cost about $1.15 to make, including the cost of the bottle!  We bought the screw-top bottle for $1 at a dollar store (it is much bigger than it appears, it actually holds well over 1 cup of bath salts).  We bought a huge bag of epsom salts for a few dollars, and this barely made a dent in it.  And since I had both the green coloring (it is actually quite  a bit more green than it appears, it was hard to get a good picture without the glare) and the green apple fragrance oil from soap making for gifts last Christmas, it makes a really nice gift for one I guess is about $1.15, including the price of the bottle.

Here is the recipe for Appletini Bath Salts, and if you want another scent, there are a ton more recipes and ideas.

We are doing a series on frugal gifts you can make at home, be sure to subscribe to our RSS!

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