How to clean a garlic press

Sunday, November 2, 2008 1:47
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If you use your garlic press alot, you have probably washed it, only to discover dried on pieces of garlic caught in the press.  Dishwashers don’t get them completely clean if you leave a little bit of garlic, especially the outside of it, in the garlic press. 

Next time you get a freebie toothbrush from the dentist, keep it to clean the screen of the garlic press.   The toothbrush is small enough to get in the crevices of the garlic press and the bristles strong enough to dislodge any stray bits of garlic.

As a bonus, it is also great to clean other kitchen utinsels with little crevices, such as the inside of a lemon rasp or a small sized wisk.

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