How do self basted turkeys work?

Friday, November 7, 2008 2:28
Posted in category Cooking, Holidays

It is just about time to start all those Thanksgiving preparations, and it probably includes buying a turkey.  And you’ve probably seen self-basting turkeys in the supermarket but didn’t quite know what exactly that meant.  Sally Kenmore from WA sent us this question, so we set out to get the answers.

Self-basting turkeys are turkeys that have been injected with liquid broth mixture including various seasonings and spices into the meat of the turkey, which results in a turkey that is noticeably jucier since the broth has been injected right into it and one that has added flavors.

The downside is that often they are injected with a mixture that includes additives and chemicals, which some families don’t want added to their turkeys.  It often will add a significant portion of salt to the turkey, which is an issue for those watching sodium level intake.  The label will list all ingredients added to the turkey via injection.  And to get into the nitty gritty, a self-basted turkey will have about 3% added to the weight by the added basting solution.

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