Garage Weekend Project – Squeaky Clean Challenge Day 27/28

Saturday, September 25, 2010 6:18
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Squeaky Clean Challenge Day #27/28 – Garage Weekend Project

Ah, the clutter queen area of the garage is the task this weekend!

  • Toss any accumulated junk 
  • Check sports equipment and toss anything broken or unusable.
  • Sort into areas, such as tools or gardening items. 
  • Check for rodent or bug infestations 
  • Check for mold/mildew and any areas of dampness. Often times stacking boxes 1″ away form wall instead of against it will really help.
  • Sweep or ShopVac floor 
  • Do tool maintenance 
  • Check for possible water damage problems, and be sure to keep the area clear of anything that could be damaged by water.

Brand new to the MomsBudget Squeaky Clean Challenge?  Click here for all the details, plus get the full list of all thirty days. Comment when you are done!

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