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Do you have a Christmas stash place for presents?

Sunday, November 23, 2008 3:55 2 Comments

Do you have a Christmas stash area for your presents?  How many times have you bought a Christmas present months ahead of the holiday season, only to either forget you bought it or forget where you put it?  Believe me, this happens to a lot of us!  One way to help is to keep a gift giving list, where you keep track of what you have bought for each person, regardless of whether it is February or December.

Another easy way to help keep you organized, and remembering what you have already bought, is to have a Christmas stash area where you put all your presents.  Whether it is in a specific room, such as a spare bedroom or the basement, or a specific place, such as under your bed or at the top of a hall closet, keeping all the presents together in the same location will help you remember everything you have bought when you just have to go to one place to see it all.  It is far easier than when you have presents scattered in hiding spots throughout the house.

When you have a Christmas stash place, you will know where that cute martini glass necklace is that you bought your sister back in April and it will also remind you that you bought your father-in-law a new cordless drill when you bought it in that after Christmas sale last year but promptly forgot about it.

It also means all your gifts are in one place o when you have some spare time, you can do some wrapping in batches, rather than trying to squeeze all the wrapping into a single session a couple of days before Christmas!

It is also great last minute prep work if you plan on doing a ton of Christmas shopping on Black Friday!

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Are you paying for wireless internet when you don’t need to?

Thursday, November 20, 2008 1:31 1 Comment

Do you know that there might be a city-operated wireless WiFi network where you live?  So you could be paying for internet access when you have perfectly good internet access available for free?

The first way to check is to turn on your wireless on your laptop and see what networks you have available.  Most city-operated WiFi networks use an obviously named WiFi network name, so it should be easy for you to identify if there is one available.  It will also give you an idea if you have neighbors with an unprotected wireless network (although you shouldn’t connect to those and leech their WiFi for free!)

There are also several websites you can go to and see if there is a municipal or city operated WiFi network, as many of the larger cities are covered with free WiFi.  WiFinder is one and JIWire is another.

Note that depending on the wireless strength and how many people are using the service that it might not be quick enough to do things such as streaming television shows online, although watching YouTube videos should be fine (although you might have to wait for it to download first before viewing, which can be seen on the video you are viewing by the bar under the video).  But if you are using it for email and random web surfing, it should be fine.

This also means that you can take your laptop along with you to the park or to your daughter’s dance practice, and get connected to the internet while you wait!

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