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Beauty Recipes for Choco-holics

Monday, March 2, 2009 13:46 Comments Off on Beauty Recipes for Choco-holics

Love chocolate? Well, if you are like most women, you want to indulge in the chocolate without the calories! Then you will love this collection of fabulous recipes for chocolate lovers!

Decadent Chocolate Bubble Bath
What is better than immersing yourself in chocolate?

Chocolate Facial Mask
You can do your mask while you soak in yout decadent bubble bath!

Chocolate Lip Balm
Chocolate lip balm is surprisingly hard to find, so here’s how to make your own!

White Chocolate Lip Balm
Like our regular chocolate lip balm, but with a twist.

Green tea and chocolate anti-oxidant facial mask
The best of both worlds – green tea and chocolate!

Chocolate Bath Melts
Great as gifts too, these are done up as hearts

Another chocolate milk bath recipe
Suggested for gifts too.

Chocolate Bliss Moisture Mask
You have to see the accompanying picture! Does have uncommon ingredients though.

Hot Cocoa Bath
From Herb Companion.

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What to do with eye shadow or blush that has broken

Thursday, February 12, 2009 13:30 1 Comment

Ever had that horrible feeling after you have dropped a favorite eyeshadow or blush, only to discover it has shattered into a zillion pieces? Well, instead of throwing it out next time, do this handy tip.

Mix the broken pieces with a small amount of vaseline, ensuring you are mixing well. Then use it as a cream-based eyeshadow or blush, instead of a powdered one! Just remember that cream-based products need to be applied slightly differently, so don’t use this for the first time right before heading out the door! While you may apply it perfectly the first time, with others it takes the practice makes perfect method 😉

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Make your own Appletini Bath Salts

Monday, November 17, 2008 2:22 Comments Off on Make your own Appletini Bath Salts

Make your own Appletini Bath Salts for Frugal Gift Giving!

The first in our Frugal Gift Giving Series!  Bath salts are a great gift giving idea, especially since they are really inexpensive to make.  This bottle above cost about $1.15 to make, including the cost of the bottle!  We bought the screw-top bottle for $1 at a dollar store (it is much bigger than it appears, it actually holds well over 1 cup of bath salts).  We bought a huge bag of epsom salts for a few dollars, and this barely made a dent in it.  And since I had both the green coloring (it is actually quite  a bit more green than it appears, it was hard to get a good picture without the glare) and the green apple fragrance oil from soap making for gifts last Christmas, it makes a really nice gift for one I guess is about $1.15, including the price of the bottle.

Here is the recipe for Appletini Bath Salts, and if you want another scent, there are a ton more recipes and ideas.

We are doing a series on frugal gifts you can make at home, be sure to subscribe to our RSS!

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Make your own lime margaritas bath salts for gifts

Wednesday, October 15, 2008 17:39 1 Comment

If you love the rare indulgence of a margarita on a night out to a Mexican restaurant, you will probably love to have a bath immersed in margarita bath salts – hold the tequila, of course!  But even better, these make fabulous gifts for friends.  You can even put them in a margarita glass as a gift basket for a great feel good present for a girlfriend’s birthday/ 

Want to know what is even better?  You only need three inexpensive ingredients to make multiple batches of them, so you can make plenty for many gifts, even for Christmas.

For instructions: Make your own Lime Margaritas Bath Salts

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