A quick fix to save crystalized honey

Sunday, November 9, 2008 6:21
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Especially if you don’t use honey that often, it has the tendency to start to crystalize in the bottle and become hard.  But, did you know that it doesn’t mean the honey has gone bad?  It is quite easy to revive your crystalized honey so you can use it once again.

Get a bowl or measuring cup that is larger than the size of your honey container.  Fill it with hot water, and then set your container of honey (make sure it is shut tight!) into the hot water.  It will take about half an hour, but the honey will turn into liquid again, and the crystals will be gone.

Note: it is not recommended to microwave your honey container, as they are not microwave safe, and can even cause sparks.  And it is also very easy to overheat honey in the microwave, so we recommend you heat your honey using the hot water method instead.

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