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New Extreme Couponing show on TLC

Friday, March 11, 2011 18:23 1 Comment

You have to give TLC credit for coming up with reality shows that we can’t help but watch, and they probably will have another winner with their new one, Extreme Couponing.  I imagine it will be one of those spend 33 cents on $1000 worth of groceries, the ones you need to commit full time hours to in order to pull it off, or taking over an hour just at the cash register.  But to each their own. 

They did a special couponing show late last year, so I am guessing a ton of us must have been watching in awe.  But I am kind of wondering how many of these people could also be featured on Hoarders…. because don’t we all need to have 150 jars of jumbo sized peanut butter taking up space in our garages?

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